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You all can be sure that you will find your favorite sounds in our radio. Wishing you the best time whilst you are listening to the APOCALYPTO.FM RADIO.


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Marc Fuhrmann – Facking Bass RadioShow Episode #021

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Dhot – Immersion Techno RadioShow #38

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Fredy S – Mojo’s Friday 100% Techno RadioShow #008

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Markova – Facking Bass RadioShow Episode #020

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Cari Lekebusch – Mojo’s Friday 100% Techno RadioShow 19:00-20:00 April.21

CARI LEKEBUSCH – Sound Architect, DJ, Producer, Cozmick B-Boy, Praying MantisAn extraordinary figure in the second generation of Techno producers to emerge from the electronic music explosion of the late 1980s and early 1990s,

Cari Lekebusch has sustained over thirty years in music through an unwavering commitment and an unquenchable desire to constantly move things forward. http://www.lekebuschmusik.se

19 April 2017 RadioShow Read more

Benjamin Mull – Mojo’s Friday 100% Techno RadioShow 19:00-20:00 March.17

Benjamin Mull was seduced by the dark sounds of techno since an early age. Infuenced and surrounded by the nineties techno hero’s such as his older brother Joel Mull and Cari Lekebusch there was no doubt he was gonna follow the same path, creating his own sound.

His sets reminds of a stripped-down dance foor minimalism combined with a hypnotic deep and a heavy groove that directed much of techno’s path throughout the late nineties. With upcoming releases on Krill Music and Parabel, Benjamin is for sure one of Sweden’s latest talents to look out for.

14 March 2017 RadioShow Read more

M47 Classic 2015 (Party Show)

M47 Classic 2015 (Party Show) – DJ Rush ⋆ Marco Remus ⋆ Zsíros ⋆ Schmidt ⋆ Anton VL ⋆ Grega ⋆ Playman DJ

Hungary / Budapest Petőfi Csarnok (PECSA) 2015. Március 14.

21 March 2015 M47 Classic 2015 Read more

„A very cool collection I promise DJ Marco Remus mode!” – Interview with Marco Remus

Dj Rush will be the next to Marco Remus another foreign guest star in M47 Classic party. Of course, we also talked about the profession, images and examples of the approaching buliról. in 1994 the career. Since then there among the best-known DJs. At first, the line started at a house, and then it turned into techno.

What made you change your music style? What was that point that evoked you to switch from house music to techno?

26 February 2015 M47 Classic 2015  Riport Read more

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