„A very cool collection I promise DJ Marco Remus mode!” – Interview with Marco Remus

„A very cool collection I promise DJ Marco Remus mode!” – Interview with Marco Remus

Dj Rush will be the next to Marco Remus another foreign guest star in M47 Classic party. Of course, we also talked about the profession, images and examples of the approaching buliról. in 1994 the career. Since then there among the best-known DJs. At first, the line started at a house, and then it turned into techno.

What made you change your music style? What was that point that evoked you to switch from house music to techno?

I started my Karriere with HipHop Music in 1994 and i was allways open minded in the way for Music. Until now i like to listen to house music and also techno and rock. A good DJ looks allways also to the left and to the right. Cause that makes my music style bigger too.

Everyone has an exemplar. Who is your exemplar and why? Who are your colleagues whom you look up to?

Who inspired you at the beginning of your track (career)? In the Beginning of my Way i was inspired from Artist like DJ Sneak, Green Velvet, DJ Rush & Josh Wink. That was for me the perfects way in production and that until now.

Until now you have performed in almost all the known clubs and at bigger music festivals. Which was your most memorable performance, i.e. what was your best successful performance. Is there a place where you haven\rquote t been yet, but that is one of your goal to perform there?

Thats a hard Question;) cause all Clubs where i was and also all Festivals has his own Charakter. I have alot of good memoeries by parties like tomorrowland , awakenings and also clubs like magdalena club or M47 or fabrik in madrid. Its not so simple to have just 1 special party, when you saw the world…;)

Everyone needs relaxation time. What do you like to do in your free time, what can relax you?

Thats true i like my relax time too. In this time i enjoy my time with my dog (leo) and do something with my friends.. just hang up and chill with them or go out with them..

What is your plan in the future? What are your goals? How do you imagine yourself 10 years from now?

My future plans are : my Label Nerven Records.. I make this what i love to do in music and go on for good parties and productions cause thats my life…:) in 10 years i hope we still party together and enjoy together the time.

The Hungarian audience can meet you again in March at the M47 Classic party. This party will be held in honor of M47 Club S\’e1r\’e1nd. You performed in S\’e1r\’e1nd several times before. What is your opinion of the Hungarian audience and what memories do you have of your performance at M47 parties?

I really look forward for that night… i had in the past a big time in the M47 with all the amazing peoples and the sexy dancers..;) the Club was so big and crowded.. that was a nice club … for the memorial party i promise for the peoples a big nice DJ Set alla Marco Remus…

Lastly, I would like to ask you too, what message would like to send to the party’ s visitors? What can they expect from you?

My Message for the Peoples ?? I cant wait to see you again and we all have a huge night together with good music and allot of fun.. see you soon…and big thanks for the interview..

I wish you continued success in the future and thank you very much for your answers. The audience and I are looking forward to the day of the party.

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