Carlos Beltran – #047 TechnoForce RadioShow (17.July.2014)

Carlos Beltran – #047 TechnoForce RadioShow (17.July.2014)

Carlos Beltran

Published on: 17.July.2014

Moebius is an innovative cultural project formed by a team of producers,dj’s and multimedia artists who have come together to work on a common electronic dream. The main objective is to promote and disseminate culture and electronic music ”

Moebius project aims the continuous creation of a pool of skilled producers and artists who provide opportunities for publishing and promoting their work
Moebius divides in its fields of activity in different areas:

On the one hand, we have our own school of electronic music in the core studies of Loca FM Madrid, where thanks to the experience of our teachers, the curricula adapted to the latest technology and personalized monitoring of the student after finishing their training, we get promotion after promotion a lot of new dj’s and producers of first class.
On the other hand, we have all the necessary infrastructure for publishing new and exclusive electronic music. Songs that you can only find in

#047 TechnoForce RadioShow TrackList

01. Carlos Beltran – Voizes (Original Mix)
02. Sahaf – Blue Hole (MCJ Remix) [Egothermia]
03. Carlos Beltran – Awakenings (Original Mix) [Complete Records]
04. Alberto Santana – Gravity (Original Mix) [Yin Yang Records]
05. Carlos Beltran – Unknown(Original Mix)
06. Fractious, Ronan Teague – Pistol Whip (The Yellowheads Remix) [DYNAMO]
07. Carlos Beltran – Floppy Life [Complete Records]
08. Robert Natus – Spektrum Paranoid (Massi Paoli Remix) [Yin Yang Records]
09. Ronan Teague – Hyperspace (Carlos Beltran Remix) Cooming Soon
10. Marc Throw – Martillo (Original Mix) [Complete Records]
11. Vynila Acosta – The Arrimol
12. Axel Karakasis – Hang Up (Irregular Synth Remix) [Yin Yang Records]
13. Carlos Beltran – Unknown (Original Mix) No signed
14. Carlos Beltran – Power Slice (Original Mix) [Complete Records]
15. Sergio Castilla – Pandemonium [Complete Records]


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THURSDAY 20:00 – 21:00