Chicago Loop – #049 TechnoForce RadioShow (31.July.2014)

Chicago Loop – #049 TechnoForce RadioShow (31.July.2014)

Chicago Loop

Published on: 31.July.2014

Chicago Loop is a new alias from Ant, a techno DJ and producer from the U.K who has been involved in the scene for 2 decades, playing worldwide and releasing hundreds of tracks.

The aim of this transformation was to move away from the faster sound of the London acid scene and to focus more on the fresh and modern sound of techno. After just a few months, some of the first Chicago Loop releases appeared on Respekt Recordings, Renesanz, Mastertraxx and Naked Lunch (under collaborations with Mike Humphries and Thermobee called Jam Cell and Smoke & Dub respectively) and has had tracks remixed by Tomy DeClerque, Spektre, A.Paul, Cold Dust and Balthazar & JackRock. Just a few of the artists that have already shown support for some of these releases include Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, The Advent and Slam.

Currently working on new tracks and remixes in the studio, Chicago Loop is always pushing for an exciting new take on the modern techno sound of today.

TrackList RadioShow #049

01. Chicago Loop - It's Not House, But It Is House [Unreleased]
02. Irregular Synth - Shake Your Mind [Naked Lunch]
03. Chicago Loop - Dirty Science [Unreleased]
04. Axel Karakasis - Hang Up (Dualitik Remix) [Yin Yang]
05. Christian Smith - Delivery [Tronic]
06. Bodyscrub & Tom Laws - Breaking Shadows (Mars Bill Remix) [Ground Factory]
07. Chicago Loop - Automatik 
08. Oscar L - The Resistance [Kraftek]
09. Sasha Carassi & Jay Lumen - Cube [Octopus Records]
10. Chicago Loop - Hi Tech Soul [Respekt Recordings]
11. Tachini - Aaibaarheid [Naked Lunch]
12. Marcello Perri - Refused (Chicago Loop Remix) [Sub Cult]
13. Micheal Kruck Feat. Dolby D - Black P [Naked Lunch]
14. Chicago Loop - TKS2 [Mastertraxx]
15. Chicago Loop - TKS2 (Cold Dust Remix) [Mastertraxx]
16. Jam Cell (Chicago Loop & Mike Humphries) - Spiders Last Stand [Naked Lunch]
17. Ronny Vergara - Emancipation (Mike Humphries Remix) [Elektrax Recordings]
18. Aka Carl - Bandwidth (Darmec Remix) [Sub Cult]
19. Dave The Drummer & Chris Liberator - One Night In Hackney (Chicago Loop Remix) [Renesanz]


(Respekt Recordings/Renesanz/Naked Lunch/Praxxiz)

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