Mark Greene & Dario Sorano – Fourth Dimension RadioShow #009 (12.March.2015)

Mark Greene & Dario Sorano – Fourth Dimension RadioShow #009 (12.March.2015)

Mark Greene & Dario Sorano

Published on: 12.March.2015

Mark Greene – Mark’s broad background in Sound Engineering, coupled with a distinct ear for detail has seen his productions flourish in the last year. Taking influence from Techno heavyweights such as The Advent, Industrialyzer, Sasha Carassi, Cari Lekebusch & Gary Beck, Mark has begun moulding his own distinct style of Techno.

Building on a successful 2013, Mark has continued his progress in the studio, experimenting with new sounds & embracing different influences. His productions have received plaudits from some of the most established producers & DJ’s in techno & indeed other genres.

2014 has seen Mark work with some massive labels and producers with original releases signed to Elektrax, Gate Null & Gobsmacked. In terms of remixes two of the biggest artists in the Trance scene; Mark Sherry and John ’00’ Fleming have brought Mark in for remixes on their respective labels Techburst & JOOF.

All of Mark’s releases to date can be purchased on Beatport & Trackitdown.

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Mark Greena Tracklist

01. Gabros – C-System – Input 1 (Cortechs Remix)
02. NHB & Giorgio Rusconi – Derailment (Old Riders Remix)
03. Naked Pilotz – Dantes View (Original Mix)
04. Rico Buda – Slight Advance (Joseph Dalik Remix )
05. Balthazar & JackRock, Hakan Ludvigson – Retaliatory Measure (Strobetech Remix)
06. Butch Warns – Meinungen Muessen Frei Sein (Lowkey & Kardinal Remix)
07. Mark Greene – At Rest On The Seabed (Andy Notalez Remix)
08. Mark Greene – Citizen (Original Mix)
09. Tonikattitude – Jericho (Original Mix)
10. Cave Djz – Ozara (Original Mix)
11. The Menace & Loca – Module 555 (Mark Greene Remix)
12. Mark Greene – High (Mark Greene Remix)
13. Buzzard (Original Mix)

Dario Sorano Tracklist

01. Dario Sorano – Reverse Kombination (Original Mix)
02. Mike Vath, Robin Hirte – Jump (Original Mix)
03. Fabio G. – Tribute To My Dad (Frank Savio Remix)
04. Fabrice Torricella – dogma Dario Sorano Feat. Greace
05. Alex Di Stefano – I’ve Got The Power (Original Mix)
06. Dario Sorano Tuner (Original Mix)
07. Michele Pinna – Empty Promises (Black Asteroid Remix)
08. Alex Di Stefano – Dark Purple (Original Mix)
09. Elyptik Trevors – Savagery (Dario Sorano remix)
10. A.Paul – Mindgame (Sven Wittekind Remix)
11. A.PAUL Interlude (Dario Sorano Remix)