Matt Klick & Dario Sorano – Fourth Dimension RadioShow #011 (14.May.2015)

Matt Klick & Dario Sorano – Fourth Dimension RadioShow #011  (14.May.2015)

Matt Klick & Dario Sorano

Published on: 2015-05-14

Each month two weeks Thursday 18:00 to 20:00 Fourth Dimension Dario Sorano and Friends radio show leadership.




Dj / Producer Dario Sorano was born in Naples, he begins very soon to listen to the Electronic and Techno music and at the age of 14 he realizeed that the Electronic and Techno music was the expression of his own personality.

He has been a dj since 1994. Not long after he deepened his musical knowledge at first playing acoustic drums and then electronic drums; later on he devoted his time to the analogic synthesizer’s analysis.
Several years later he played his dj set in the best club located in the centre of Naples, Italy and Europe.

He has collaborated and played with several techno dj and producers Marcello Coleman, Sasha Carassi, Snello Diego CK Family, Joseph Ala, Krenzlin, Mark Morris, Red Square live, Logotech, Loso, David Christoph, Frank Savio, Dimitri Motofunk & George Libe and many more…

Finally he has reached the international scene thanks to the issue of his first EP Man-Made Ep on Ketra Rec

Matt Klick

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At the age of 14 Matt Klick found his love in electronic music and only 4 years later he bought his own equipment. Affected by various parties in Kassel and Frankfurt he got his minimal-techno style. Through his own parties in Marburg, Wetzlar and Dillenburg as well as outside the region he made a name quickly.
Matt Klick excited his listeners in many clubs, for instance: Cocoon Club,Tresor,Butan-Club,King Kamehameha,Tanzhaus West, U60311. At the festivals Ruhr in Love and Nature One he is regularly representet.
He played with acts such as Anthony Rother, Gregor Tresher, Cari Lekebusch, Hanne & Lore, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Torsten Kanzler, Gayle San, Dapayk, Harry Axt, Tony Rohr, Holgi Star.
Since 2009 Matt lead in common with Boris Ochs the label Akzent-Recordings and the booking agency with artists like Felix Bernhardt, Holgi Star and Marky who all release under the same label name.
At January, 26 this year he set up the event series ‘Heimatkult’ which immediately came like a bombshell in the region of Marburg.
So keep your eyes and especially your ears wide open and be anxious about what the future will bring to you.