PureGonzo RadioShow #009 By Nelly Jay (03.05.2015)

PureGonzo RadioShow #009 By Nelly Jay (03.05.2015)

Nelly Jay

Published on: 03.05.2015


PureTechno – Nelly Jay’s ear for music developed at an early age. This natural drive along with the ability to turn people on to unfamiliar sounds with his unique taste and style made him destined to do something notable with music in time to come. With early influences derived from hip-hop, exposure to the rave and club scene and a keen interest in Chicago house Nelly’s passion for house music was set in motion. Staying true to his roots Nelly often brings elements of hip-hop into his bass heavy sets while turning out cutting edge percussive tech-house beats. more…

Track Listing Pure Gonzo 009

Bullytz (Original Mix) Alan Hash
Move 2 Move (Original Mix ) Macromism
Midian (Original Mix ) Subject English
Again & Again (Richie Santana 36 Chambers Remix)Will Monotone
Nord & Rack (Original Stick )Jose Ponce, Joe Red
Stripped (Original Mix )Len Faki
Fiendish Ways (Original Mix) Peter Bailey
Techno Is Of The Essence (Original Mix )The Reactivitz
Poses (D-Deck Remix) Spartaque
Channel (Gesus Lpz Remix)Alan Hash
In Hell (Original Mix) Adrian Hour
Polyphoniq (Original Mix) Sonate
Curly (Original Mix) Bulaklak
Ibis (Original Mix) Ramon Tapia
Indianapolis (Reelow Remix) David Herrero
KSK26 (Original Mix ) dubspeeka
Crawfish (Original Mix) Mendo, Yvan Genkins

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